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Austin J.R

Austin J.R's got flows! A seasoned artist with many years cooking venues as a performer. Unique and like no other his versatility is adept to most genres of music! He has apeared on screen a few times and has trained with the BAFTA Award Winning Television Workshop.


After seeing Austin perform at the age of 11, BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Chris Moyles stated live on the air! "If he doesnt make it, there must be something wrong with the music industry.  He was Brilliant! Honestly......"


Austin J.R is still yet to breakthrough and there is talk that his album is icy! Cold  with a slice of hot sauce. Bumpers twerking for days................. 


People are confident that he is the next "major artist!"


After being crowned a winner in the Nottingham Regional Finals of Open Mic UK 'Austin J.R' went on to win the Area Final and according to direct sources was cheated in the final of the competition and has evidence to prove it! 


This guy is a lot more than just another artist. He's different and exciting! He can street dance and play guitar unlike most in the scene. 


You can purchase or stream on Itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all other major online stores! Just search "Austin J R"


Thats J.R as in Jay aRe Got it! Cool.....

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